Monday, August 17, 2015

Maybe the end of baseball

Yesterday we had another afternoon game, and it was hot. A long day, and fortunately a good game with some clouds near the end. I'm glad because it could be my last game. I've been feeling older, and I can't swing hard and really hit balls much. My arms have been a bit off when throwing and really haven't thrown left all year with this tendonitis. Add to that leg issues and I need to really think about getting back in shape this off season or maybe giving it up and choosing something else.

However it was a good day. I played 1st for 6 innings. I didn't start, but rotated in and when we had some issues at 2nd, the coached moved me back to first for the rest of the game (after the 4th) and put the guy rotating at 2nd.

It was a close game, 6-3 us for most of the game, but then came up with one in the 8th and then loaded the bases in the ninth, mostly with our relief pitcher being off. We walked one in, then got a force at home and a strike out. The last batter hit one to short, we managed to field it and force at 2nd to win.

I had a few good plays at first, coming off the bag to get throws and tag runners. I missed one from 2nd, but it was a bad throw and I blocked it with my leg. At the plate I got called out on a way inside pitch the first time, but wasn't swinging well. Two outside curves, slow and dropping beat me earlier in the trip. Then I caught one of those curves for a single to left. I hit a hard grounder between first and second for another hit and then popped up, high ,into short right. All in all, a decent day.

And a fun way to end if that's it. Not sure if we play on the 30th yet and then don't know if we'll make the playoffs.

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