Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Windows

I remember my parents replacing their windows at one point. A big project, across days, that cost a lot of money. I never realized how much, but when we've had glass replaced, that was expensive. A few years ago we had our office window replaced because we could barely see out of it. That was $1700.

One window.

It's a nice window, but, well, it's a window. It opens and closes, and insulates (a little).

Out bedroom window has been dying, with parts of the vinyl breaking. In July the clips keeping it in finally broke and we couldn't open it any more as wind would blow the glass and moveable frame into the house. That sucked, as we like it open for a breeze at night.

We decided to try Home Depot and see how they did. A couple of window companies have come out and they're ridiculously expensive. We scheduled a visit and a Home Depot rep came out. It wasn't much different than other people, but the prices were better with a Home Depot warranty. The R-value was similar, so we decided to order 4. Actually, we did 5 with a discount offered when we crossed the $5k point. Each of these windows was about $900, even the cracked octagon we have.

It took time. About 4 weeks to get the installation scheduled, which was better than the estimate. The sales rep thought it would be 6 weeks.

They came Tuesday morning and got started. Three guys that came in, put down sheets, and started cutting out windows. They made it look easy. After pulling some trim, a sawzall cut the screws and windows came out. Almost makes me want to try one myself.

The new windows were piled on the porch, waiting the time to get installed. We did the 3 on the front and Kendall's E window plus to central octagon.

In an hour or so, all the windows were out.

 New ones went in quickly. They were efficient, a guy putting in a new one, screwing it down while others worked on trim and caulk.

 The octagon was a challenge, and had to come out, glass first, the the frame. They worked on this for about 20 minutes as I checked on them.

 In about 3-4 hours they were completely done. They packed up and left after a call to Home Depot where I paid the balance.

The house really looks about the same. It's got windows in it, same white trim, but they work. Which is nice.

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