Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Chaotic Day

Up at 6am, EDT to catch a flight back to Denver from New York. It started out easy, get up, pack, wash my face, and head downstairs. I didn't want to miss the shuttle, so I skipped coffee at the hotel and stood out front for 10 minutes. An easy trip over to LaGuradia, but it's then a mess. Friday morning is a busy, busy time. It was tough to find a place for coffee and I had to balance water, phone, coffee, and bags.

Fortunately I managed to find a spot near the gate and relax with my coffee for 20 minutes before the flight. However then I had an issue. I'd booked a window both ways, to see the sights in and out of the city, I could watch. However we were slow leaving, mostly because it was a full flight and people were slow boarding. Then I had to pee, but I had people next to me. Then the drink cart came before we managed to be free to get up. I did apologize and sneak by once the cart had moved back, but I had to go up to the first class section for the bathroom. The flight attendant up there wasn't very nice, and complained to me.  However I did get to pee.

I had to go again before we landed, but I held it because I could see Denver. In fact, I saw our house coming in. The white building showed up first, and I could see the tree farm next to us, which is unique. Then I could see the house, trailer, and the arena up the street.

It's next to see that, after watching the city fall away in the morning. The flight into NYC was cool as well, though we didn't go over Brooklyn again, which I was hoping for.

I got home, and took the wide route some to stop by Ikea. Kendall had been wanting a desk organizer, and they were out when we got her desk. So I grabbed one and then hurried home, getting the chance to see Tia for 5 minutes before she was off for work.

I started working, taking a few breaks to put Kendall's organizer together. She wasn't coming home tonight, spending the night with a friend, so she'll be surprised on Saturday. I got it together and some work done, but I was interrupted.

Delaney called around 12:30. Strange, since he was off to a meet in Colorado Springs today. I was wondering if something was wrong and it was. Slightly.

They were on the way, near the Springs, and stopped at a red light. Apparently someone was texting and driving and rear ended them. Everyone was OK, and Delaney said there wasn't any injuries. No damage to the Suburban they were in, but they had to wait for EMTs and police. Glad things were OK, but I was hoping he wouldn't miss his first race.

The next interruption in my day was taking Uma in for her 8 week checkup and xray. We packed up and headed West. Uma likes the car, and she had fun. She seems to like the vet as well and is often excited.

It was a good visit, with Uma being cleared for lots more activity. She's healing nicely, as we can see. The bone is pretty much back together and the doctor said she was in the 95% of normal healing. Faster than expected.

Time for home. Back across the city, on the phone the whole way. Some personal, some work, but a productive drive. At home I continued to work a bit until Tia got home. She wanted to get some dinner, but had another trim to do. I said goodbye, walked in, and then went to take the dogs for a walk. I came in to see this:

I packed up the dogs for a 2.5 mi walk, then showered and headed to dinner when Tia got home. We went to Elizabeth, which we rarely do. The thought was Delaney might get back as we finished, but after a nice dinner, we were tired. We were beat and headed home around 9:45. We made it, sat down for a few minutes and Delaney texted. He was almost back.

I headed out to get him. Exhausted, eyes tired. I was thinking I'd let him drive home, but he was almost as tired as I was. They'd left school before 12 and it was almost 10:30. I made it home and we all collapsed.

A long, long, crazy day.

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