Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Orleans

I flew back to New Orleans today. It's been a few years, but I like it down here.

I don't love the party time in New Orleans, but it's a neat city, and it's sad to see it so run down. As I drove down to spend a half hour in the French Quarter, I could see so many places boarded up, run down, abandoned, even as some places are being sold and renovated. I suspect the haves are coming in and rebuilding parts of the city even as the have-nots move away.

I spent a few minutes at Café du Monde, where a hot latte and beignets were the snack after the flight.

It's a traditional, touristy thing, and I enjoy it. I walked around briefly, took a few photos and headed up to Baton Rouge. It was hot, and I know Tia wouldn't have liked it.

The drive up was good, easy, and it's about as quick as changing planes to fly to Baton Rouge from Denver. Plus I get to go to New Orleans for a bit. However a storm was brewing and I got an EBS notice on the radio as I pulled into town. I checked into the hotel as it started to rain, and that was disappointing. This is the first time here I haven't been able to run or walk around University Lake.

Oh well, a little work, a gym workout and ready for dinner. A good start to the trip and looking forward to catching up with a few friends down here.

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