Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yesterday's Fortune Cookie

Kendall got a new book at the mall the other day, with lots of writing prompts. She sent me this one:

Write yesterday's fortune cookie. It got everything wrong.

My fortune: Today will be very relaxing.

That was completely wrong. It was actually stressful. Fun, but stressful. It started at 4:00am, with a dog that wanted to go out. I let Uma out, and she did get to pee, but she was mostly concerned about coyotes. After bringing her inside, I decided to go sleep upstairs, which worked out OK, but only for a few hours. Then the alarm went off for baseball. I got up, fed Uma and the cat, let the dogs out for 10 minutes, and then headed off.

Baseball was something. A tournament, with a mix of players. 4 from my team, 3 from another, a few random people. I've often seen it hard to put teams together, but we had 14, which was a lot. The coach was also controlling, which is annoying. I ended up with 4 innings in the field, and two at bats. I tried for a couple others, but the coach wanted me to rest since we had an afternoon game. Annoying.

The second at-bat was tough as well. Swung through a ball and missed, then a high strike called. The ump hadn't called any, but I got one I could have licked and it threw me. The next one was high and nervously I swung and missed. That bothered me all day.

I got done and stopped for 15 minutes to eat, knowing I had to get back home. No ice in the soda machine, and while the soda was cold, it wasn't the same.

I get home, and think I have a little time, about 90 minutes. Dogs out, and I start to spend about 15 minutes starting some laundry and doing something for work, but realize I need to get outside. I go out and feed horses, which goes well, but not fast. I get done and I'm racing to throw another shirt in the car, and can't find Deuce. He's out with Kylie, which is good. Get him inside and race to the ballpark, which is fortunately in Parker.

The night game was OK. Elbow sore, so I skipped batting. The guy I switched with at first was OK with me playing more, so I got 5 innings and he took 2, and the game was better, but slow. We won, 10-running the other team in 7.

Start home, grab dinner and talk to my brother. The only relaxing part of this was sitting by the side of E Parker Road, so I could have connectivity with my phone. I chatted for an hour with him, mostly about life, and it's good that he's moving on and things are doing OK with his divorce and the kids.

I get home, have a wild kitten, and dogs that won't relax. I'm trying to get them to relax and almost locked up Uma again, but eventually they calmed down. I lay in bed, reading a bit and about to go to sleep when the cat lands on my head. She is wild and in trying to run past me she scratches my nose. I get up, wipe my face, and turn on the light. There's blood on my hands from two little puncture wounds on my nose. I end up standing in the bathroom for ten minutes trying to get the wounds to clot.

Not a relaxing day.

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