Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo Shoot

We had a friend that's a professional photographer out to the ranch yesterday. We wanted senior pictures for Delaney, and since he didn't care where we did things, we decided to add in the whole family for some pix.

 Some good ones of Kendall on the tramp. We had some fun while Delaney was getting his pictures.
 Delaney loves the unbuttoned shirt look, so we did a few like this.
The photographer had him posing around the yard.
 And Kendall got a few as well
 We used screens to shade everyone
 Somehow, I got this amazing picture of Delaney. I love this one and can't wait to see how the photographer captured him.
 What's a shoot without selfies?
 Kyle came by as well.
 It was an exciting day
 Though I lost my hat to numerous people.
The boys
 More poses
 Kendall looked amazing. She's quite a young lady.
 One nice thing about having a friend do this is we got lots of wardrobe changes.
 Delaney tried it with and without glasses.
 All in all, this was more fun than we expected.
 A little rain drove us inside, but we got out and found a rainbow.

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