Friday, July 3, 2015

2015 Book #48 - Criminal Intent

Book 3 of the Mike/Rosie series. Once again, back in SF we have the two lawyers working together. In Criminal Intent, we have a twist. Rosie's neice, her sister's daughter, married a movie producer. When he's found below his deck, apparently fallen and she's found drunk and high by the Golden Gate bridge, murder is suspected. Michael Daley has no choice but to agree to help Rosie. She's going through cancer treatment, so much of the work falls to Michael.

It's quite a story, with lots of twists in there as there are no shortage of suspects, all of whom are involved in a business deal. This includes the producer's son, and suspicious behavior by many. The end has a twist I didn't expect, and it certainly leads to stress and troubles with the family and legal system.

We have the same cast of characters. Roosevelt and Marcus as a partner. We have McNulty and Ward for the DAs, and of course, an appearance by Nick the Dick. It's alternately entertaining and confusing. I think the author struggled a bit with this story. It's OK, but not great. Not like the first book.

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