Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Book #52 - Bum Rap

Bum Rap is my Kindle First book of the month. It will be released in August, and I decided to read it on vacation.

It's another legal thriller, told from the point of view of a few people. We have Solomon and Lord, two attorneys in Florida that also are in a relationship. Steve Solomon is arrested for murder, having been found in the office of a local Russian thug, who was dead. He had the gun in his hand and he was the one that called 911 as the various other thugs were trying to break in.

Lord can't defend him. She's too close, so she hires Jake Lassiter, a former football player who's down on his luck and about to leave the legal profession. He is tired of the constant battles with scumbags. He isn't sure about this one, but he begins to think he might have an innocent client.


The book is a little silly, a bit of a funny read that tries to solve the murder and find a way to get Steve off. Not great writing, but it was entertaining.

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