Sunday, July 12, 2015

First Practice

Last week Kendall had a tryout for Rocky Select on Sunday and Momentum Volleyball on Monday. It was quite a packed few days.

The Sunday tryout went well, she worked hard and looked good. The coach moved her around and chatted with her and at the end, saying he liked a lot of what she did and was thinking he'd use her as setter, right side hitter, middle at times, and outside hitter once in awhile.  Kendall loved that, as she wants to hit outside, but knows she's a good middle. Setting has some appeal as well. Most important, this was a ones team offer (top team).

Monday we went to Momentum. I dropped Kendall off and hit a class with Delaney, so I didn't get to see much, but came back at the end. She was a little slow and tired, and certainly had struggled after slightly turning an ankle Sunday. We really like the coach there, and he made her a twos team offer. That was tough, since we really like his attitude.

Tuesday called the Rocky Select coach and talked about the team and philosophy. We all liked what he had to say and he wanted Kendall to come back this week for a look with his ones team. Tia then emailed him later to say we were torn and wanted to get an idea of what he wanted and he said he wanted Kendall.

He actually emailed a contract to us while we were in South Dakota and we signed it, so Kendall's committed to Rocky Select 15 1s team for 2015/2016. They've had some success for a newer club and we heard good things from one of the other parents for last year, who had their older daughter on a team.

Today we went back to tryouts, but it was really a practice. Kendall worked with setters a bit, a couple of which are also in the club, and some girls trying out. One was her setter from last year, who got an offer for the 2s team.

Most of the time was the 9 girls on the ones team working. A few others slipped in to see how they looked, but then they moved on and one coach was working with 6 on 3 to start understanding how they'll play this year. Kendall had some time at setter, and mostly right hitter, which is good to see. a couple plays at middle, which got her to make a face at the coach, but she did it. She looked good, but has a lot of work to do.

However volleyball is ramping up. She wants to go to another tryout tomorrow, just for touches. Then she has an open gym Tuesday for high school, Wed for Rocky Select, and Thur-Sat she's up in Greeley for a camp. Her HS coach emailed us last week to ask if she'd want to go. Apparently the coach is taking the varsity and junior varsity girls to a camp and invited Kendall. Without a tryout, Kendall's already standing out.

Our guess is she'll be a JV setter, but who knows. There are two good setters on varsity, but you never know how the season will go.

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