Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Train Wreck

Delaney and I switched boards the other day so he could try a longer one. He liked my 159, and I adjusted quickly to his shorter 155 one. However there was an issue. He has the bindings that flip up in the back and they kept catching on my boots. The right boot has been semi-trashed since last year, open on the sole to the world. They'd catch and I couldn't get out of the binding easily.

Worse, they pulled the entire sole open when I tried and I could see my sock. It made for a chilly day, especially Friday when Kyle and I went out alone.

Result: New boots needed. I'll keep the old ones and shoe-goo them closed, but I really need new ones. These likely have 100 days on them so no big deal that new ones are necessary.

Friday morning I got up with Kyle and we headed out early. He had to leave for work, so we wanted a couple hours in during the morning. I took a few minutes and turned the bindings back for my board, as well as Delaney's, since we thought he'd join us later. We went out, got on the gondola, and headed up, coffee in hand.

When we got to the top, I realized my binding had broken in the front. The forward strap, which had the wire unraveling a little, had broken. Fortunately I could still strap in, just no toe support.

Photo Dec 26, 10 28 25 AM

Things went well, and I managed to do fine, though it felt shaky at times. I managed deep powder, and Kyle and I were on the backside, where few people had gone. In fact, we made it to the far lift, Morningside, just as it started turning. They were still knocking snow off chairs that hadn't been used on our first ride up.

Photo Dec 26, 9 15 53 AM

It was gorgeous, and we had to make our own tracks in places in the trees. No one had even been down there. I'd have spent an hour there, but Kyle was tired after a run, so we headed back to the front, a little concerned about time.

Photo Dec 26, 9 38 54 AM

Result: I need a binding repair. At least a wire replacement, though I think I'll be looking for some cheap bindings to replace these in the spring/summer.

As if that weren't enough, as we got back to the front, and I unloaded some stuff, looking to cool down, I realized that my bibs had lost a strap. Tia had realized that one was coming loose, almost tearing where they were sewn in the back, and they finally broke. In fact, the other side is almost through as well.

Result: Some sewing work needed, though I'm not sure how well I can get them done. Might need new bibs/pants as well.

Combine this with the need to replace Kendall's helmet and then get a longer snowboard for Delaney, and it will be a bit of a pricey winter sports gear time.

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