Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Today was the appraisal for the Porsche. A friend is ready to buy, but his bank wants an independent evaluation, so I got called by a guy to come out and look. Since I was out of town, today was the day he could do it.

Photo Dec 09, 12 42 58 PM

I wasn't sure what this would entail. As a result, I plugged the battery into a charger last night. I haven't driven it much the last few months (or years), so I wanted to be sure it would run. I disconnected things when we got home from the airport, attached the charger, made sure it was charging and left it overnight. The "charging" light was still going this am, so I need to do it more.

But it started right up, which is good. I went on a short drive, out for lunch, and to make sure everything was working. I got back a bit before the appraiser and left it out front

Photo Dec 09, 12 43 59 PM

It was an interesting process. Basically he took lots of pictures and asked a few questions about modifications, but that was it. No driving, no starting the car. Makes me think the process itself is slightly hokey, and really just to verify that there really is a car for these remote purchases. He took picture of all of the VIN stickers, 4 or 5 of them, so maybe that's the most important thing.

Photo Dec 09, 12 44 08 PM

We'll see. Now to dig out paperwork and get that straight. And I might use it to go pick up Delaney later today Winking smile

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