Friday, December 19, 2014

The Last Drive

Photo Dec 18, 12 57 40 PM

That was my view yesterday, driving down e-470, on the air to the airport to pick up Merrill. I snapped a quick photo, thinking this was the last drive, though it wasn’t.

After I posed the car on Thanksgiving, Merrill contacted me a day or two later and said he was interested. Fast forward, and he was flying in yesterday from Minnesota to get the car. I picked hom up, and he actually let me drive us back to the bank and home.

After spending the night with us, watching Kendall’s volleyball practice, he was driving out this morning, heading to Alabama where he’ll leave the car with his Dad for the winter. It’s a shared vehicle for them, something to enjoy. His Dad’s always wanted one, and this is a present. Hope my kids think of me later in life like this.

Photo Dec 19, 7 23 44 AM

I’d charged things up, but the side turn signal was on. I wonder if I’ve done that before and killed the battery. That was the case this morning, as I pushed it out in the early dawn while kids were getting ready. The last day in my driveway, and I’m glad it jumped immediately with the portable jumper. We let it idle and got a picture.

Photo Dec 19, 7 26 22 AM

The first time in a decade that I haven’t owner a Porsche. Now it’s time to drive and search for something new. Not sure if the Porsche is the thing, especially when the Audi and VW versions are the same car, with different insides. Insides matter, but so does some cost and condition.

It’s been a great six years, and I’m glad it’s going to someone that will really enjoy it.

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