Monday, December 29, 2014

Book #52 - The Atlantis Plague

atlantisplagueThe second book of the Origin Series, The Atlantis Plague was one I grabbed on vacation. In this one, we have the plague unleashed on humanity. Kate must find her way around Europe to get a cure, unsure of who to trust. She manages to avoid capture with Martin, but when he dies, David is the one that must keep her safe.

It's a little wild, and I can see how this would be a movie. One one hand the Immari are ruthless, on the other, the author avoids talking in too many details about how the world is devolving. The way in which we have Kate and David in touch with others, but unable to find Martin's killer. The seemingly amazing way David avoids issues. It's writing that's missing something.

Just when the book seems to drag, something pulls me back in. It's not a great thriller, but it's not that bad. It does keep things moving as we wonder how the Atlanteans actually changed the world. It's an interesting weave of sci-fi, religion, and evolution.

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