Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book #53 - The Quantum Lens

quantumI've been on a Sci-fi kick, so I grabbed The Quantum Lens through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It was a very interesting book, with a researcher working with a black government program, trying to help people resist hypnotism and mind control techniques starring. She goes on a date, and she’s entranced with a man. However at her house, a black ops team attacks, and when she gets outside, she realizes they weren’t after her, but her date.

She comes to find out he’s a brilliant hacker gone rouge, and is wanted. She’s left out as bait, with the idea the government will capture him, but he outwits them, kidnaps her, and slowly convinces her to help him.

Meanwhile, in Syria, a religious figure comes to power, with amazing powers. It’s almost like magic, and governments are concerned. We learn that this man, along with the genius kidnapper, have learned to control quantum energies.  The rest of the book is one side trying to stop the other from essentially taking over the world.

It’s an amazing story, and at times, too fantastic. Some of the skills and capabilities seem invented as the author wrote the story. The writing is OK, not great, but it’s a neat story and certainly drew me in. There are some good twists in it, so it’s a good page turner.

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