Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book #55–Bull Street

bullstreetBull Street is a Wall Street thriller. A kid makes his way into an investment bank and then encounters criminals. It's a classic story, and while it's not the best written one, it was an good story.

A kid is struggling as he's graduated from Michigan and not an Ivy League school. However he knows a lot of investment banking (M&A stuff) and manages to impress a manager in his interview. He's given probationary status at the firm. He meets a girl there, who's in his position, but not probationary, and they start to work together, especially when they discover some strange faxes that appear be trades that might be illegal.

The SEC is investigating, and we see a separate side of things. While they come across a bit as trying to find criminals, they also come out politically, needing to justify their costs and having the main investigator zeroing in on a trade he knows is guilty.

Of course, we have criminals at the company, one of which is connected to organized crime. They are working with a wheeler-dealer, who is guilty of crimes, but is written to be someone that got in over his head and is trying to get out and make his wife proud.

An interesting story, and a good vacation read.

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