Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Belated Christmas

A late Christmas for us. We got back late last night, working on getting Christmas ready for this morning. Kendall was slow to get up, with Delaney the most excited. He knew what was coming, and couldn't wait, pushing everyone to come downstairs.

Photo Dec 27, 7 50 17 AM

The kids set up early, and we managed to get down there along with all the animals. Kyle was beat after working late, but he made it and we opened things.

Photo Dec 27, 7 50 46 AM

Kendall started, having the most gifts. They were all small, a bunch of anime books and a necklace.

Photo Dec 27, 7 51 17 AM

Uma was very interested in what was going on and having a good time checking everything out, even snagging a couple candy canes from the tree that we had to take away

Photo Dec 27, 7 50 51 AM

Clothes for Kyle and I, a new Kindle for Tia, and a necklace and watch (Pebble) for me.

Photo Dec 27, 10 39 53 AM

My new necklace has my wedding band back on. Sometime I've missed for some time.

Photo Dec 27, 10 39 59 AM

Delaney got what he wanted, a fancy flight controller. It's heavy, made of metal, and has lots of buttons and options. Looking forward to seeing how it works for him.

Photo Dec 27, 8 15 15 AM

Tia and Kyle headed back to bed, while I had work to do. A strange, quiet, Christmas time for us, but a fantastic week.

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