Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book #57–Personal

indexPersonal is the latest Jack Reacher, and it’s a good one. In this one, Reacher is returned to the army, but this time he's brought back by the government to help them.

Someone took at shot at the President of France. The government thinks it could be an American, one of a few worldwide that is retired and could have taken the shot. Reacher investigates along with a Russian and Englishman, trying to determine whose country might be guilty.

Along the way, he works with a girl I France, and when the Englishman is killed, Reacher is upset. He suspects that a small English mob is helping in the East End and with a G8 Summit of leaders taking place in England, he's on the clock.

It's a wild ride, and goes back to the snarky, smart, unflappable Reacher that I remember from earlier books who seemed lost for a few of them.

One of my favorites.

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