Monday, December 29, 2014

Book #50 - The Atlantis Gene

atlantisgeneI thought The Atlantis Gene would be a medical thriller. A plague seems to be developed in China using some ancient artifact. However the thriller runs amok, becoming unbelievable and transforms into some outrageous science fiction story.

We have a medical doctor, researching autism in Indonesia. Her primary patients are kidnapped, along with herself. Meanwhile, we have a worldwide secret organization, the Clocktower, is infiltrated by the Immari, who are working with the artifact to try and save humanity by attacking the creators of the "Bell".

We don't find that out until the end, when we realize there are two ancient space ships, one of Gibraltar and one in Antarctica.

However there's more. We have portals to travel space instantly, resurrection machines, and more that seem to be thrown in almost like a brainstorming session taking place during the writing. The story captivated me eventually, drawing me in with writings from WWI, along with the ancient monks of the Immaru that help our doctor (Kate) and her spy (David).

It was hard to get through the first half of the book. It dragged, and I didn't think the author explained enough of the relations between people, but near the middle, it started to draw me in and I enjoyed the read on vacation.

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