Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The SUV Search - Possibilities

My car goes away tomorrow  Sad smile


Actually, I'm not too sad. I've enjoyed it, and it's a great car, but it's time for me to move on to something else. I don't get to drive it, today being a perfect example. Need to pick up D and K separately, but with snow in the driveway, I'm stuck.

It will probably be weeks as I search and we try to move finances around, so I've been investigating cars by reading reviews, trying to understand the features and possibilities. I've looked at most everything from the Ford Flex to the Land Rover Evoque. However I've eliminated a bunch of them for various reasons.

The ones I'm really interested in driving and seeing:

  • BMW X3/X5 - Not sure if the 3 is too small.
  • Audi Q5/7 - The 5 might be too small, and there's a diesel 7
  • Lexus R330/350 - Not sure yet which model makes sense.
  • Porsche Cayenne - I have to. Not sure this is the right car for me, but I have to try it. It's been a decade since I haven't had a Porsche.
  • VW Toureq - It's essentially the Porsche with different stuff.
  • Volvo TC60/90 - Looks nice.
  • GMC Yukon - The Suburban is soooooo comfortable and this is a smaller version
  • Subaru Outback - Always liked these. Need to see a max'd out one. It's not an SUV, but it might be nice. Kyle suggested it and it gets much better gas mileage
  • Ford Explorer - They are looking nice.
  • Mercedes GL - I think it's too small, but worth a look
  • Hyundai Santa Fe - These are compared to the BMW in many ways.
  • Maxda - CX-7/9 - A friend has one.

The Acura doesn't get rated well and doesn't excite me. The Jeep's are too gas guzzly, worse than the Yukon, which surprises me. The Infiniti's look small and I drove around in one. Didn't love it, though if I have time, I might drive one.

It should be an interesting search.


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