Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Trot

We were thinking there might be a crowd of six of us for the Parker Turkey Trot, but it ended up being just three. Tia's sick, Kyle worked late, and Marla didn't want to go. So I got up Delaney and Kendall, and we drove out at 7am to Parker.

I registered us and we warmed up a bit, getting ready. Delaney hasn't run much since cross country, but we knew he'd be faster than us, so he went in one of the early waves. Kendall wanted me to do it with her, so we stood back, just ahead of the walkers.

Photo Nov 27, 7 44 17 AM

We started out jogging, getting a bit down the road, but not too far before Kendall needed to walk. She's not much of a runner, mostly doing 1-2 minutes at a time and walking some stretches. That was our race, and it was fine. We passed Delaney about 1.2 miles or so in, when he was heading back.

We then chatted and jogged/walked our way through.

Kendall did well, finishing strong, even with some sore legs and feet. Still smiling at the end.

Photo Nov 27, 8 56 52 AM

Just another day for Delaney

Photo Nov 27, 8 56 53 AM

Afterwards it was breakfast burrito time.

Photo Nov 27, 8 56 44 AM

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