Sunday, November 9, 2014

Storm Prep

A Storm is supposed to come tomorrow, so we were out today working on some shed prep. Tia had a couple shed built by her employee, but I hadn't gotten them measured and metal ordered. She was concerned, so I headed out this am to get wood and then work. I got a helper along the way.


We had two sheds to do, and didn't start until around 12:30 with building, after assembling parts and tools. Kendall helped me cut and measure, and while she didn't do a lot at times, it makes a bit difference to how fast we can go if she's measuring while I'm cutting.

We started here, working the back and west (close) side.


We moved well, getting things measured, including a few angles from the roof


By 2:30, we were almost done.


We got the first one done, including the small triangles near the top around 3, packed up, and then took a break to get some subs. After a 10 minute meal, we went back to work on the second one.



One done, the second covered on the west, north, and partial east sides. Tia's guy can finish those, and add the bracing inside, which we couldn't add as we ran out of light.

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