Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book #45 - Reamde

I thought this book was Readme for years until I actually got it from the library. Stephenson has been up and down for me, as I don't love the Victorian era, and set in the past books, but I've enjoyed the sci-fi stuff. Reamde is the current age, built around a multi-player online game, but it devolves quickly into a farce of a kidnapping and business deal gone wrong.

I enjoyed it at first, but when the story turned, I really became entranced by the large number of characters and scenes, along with the subplots, that take place in the US, China, Philippines and of course, online. It's a wild ride, with characters separating, coincidences that pop up, and thrilling action.

Recommended. One of Stephenson's books I've enjoyed the most.

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