Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday was a day of pre-cons and today was completely different. I was up at 5:30, heading out for a 3 mile run with friends. It was nice, and good weather, but a little quick. I found myself slightly sore all day.

Then it was off to live blog the keynote, becoming late to get set up a I glad handed and chatted with lots of friends on the way. The keynote was disappointing, but what more can I expect. I keep hoping for better from Microsoft, but it wasn’t to be.

Then I had excitement. After a meeting with my boss, I was supposed to do a series of short lightning talks at our booth. However my laptop doesn’t have HDMI, and they didn’t have any adapters. An almost disaster, but I managed to salvage things with some quick thinking and some transferring things to the demo laptop that Red Gate has.

I did 3 of those and was somewhat wiped out. But I wasn’t done. Lunch with a friend (more talking), then back to the booth. Fortunately no one was there in the afternoon, so I didn’t have another one, and managed to get back to the hotel.

However I have 4 more tonight, after meeting a friend for a drink. I am going to be glad when this day is over.

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