Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book #46 - Dead or Alive

deadaliveI've loved the Jack Ryan, John Clark series, going back to Red October and Red Storm Rising. I dropped off the series for a bit, but come back once in awhile. I've read one or two of the books after this one, but I grabbed Dead or Alive recently and dug in.

This is after Ryan Jr. has accidently killed someone as part of The Campus, but before he gets more assignments. He's still an analyst and working with his cousins. Clark and Chavez are trying to leave Rainbow and come home, but events conspire to keep everyone in the action.

Ryan's cousins suffer a setback, with one being killed, even as he asks to take on field work in pursuit of the Emir. If all this doesn't make sense, you really need to back up and read some others. Actually, I'd go through the whole series, but this one can stand alone, even with all the references to past events.

It's a typical Clancy story, though I think the writing definitely lacks some of the excitement that his early books do. The new author (Blackwood) is true to the spirit and it's a fun thriller.

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