Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sand in the Snow

Saturday Kendall was supposed to go to a sand volleyball clinic. There are a few facilities in Denver, and as we drove out early in the am, it was cold, around 6F and snowing. As you can see, we were bundled up with coffee.

Photo Nov 15, 9 43 53 AM

A minor fiasco, as neither Tia nor I had read the email closely. The facility we went to, where Kendall had gone a few times, wasn’t the right one. When no one showed up, we realized and raced up to the other one in Broomfield. About 30 minutes late, but we got going.

Photo Nov 15, 10 39 52 AM

It was surprisingly warm in there, though it wasn’t close to anything, so I read and watched while Kendall played. There was one other high schooler, but otherwise all adults. Kendall did well, though she has a lot to learn, and she was intimidated. However she worked hard, coming over to get water during breaks. She was sweating a lot, and tired, but smiling and loving it.

Photo Nov 15, 10 38 59 AM


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