Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today was a quiet day, and beautiful in the 60s, so I asked Delaney to head out to work on his Eagle project. After taking my car out for a drive and taking pictures, we headed North to Loveland, with Delaney driving.

Photo Nov 29, 12 45 31 PM (1)

He did well, getting us onto the highway. He tends to let his speed drift up, so that's something he needs to watch, but he did well getting us up E-470, to I-70, even handling the high overpass and some construction easily. We made it onto I-270, and he needed a break after an hour of driving, so we got off and stopped a Chipotle for lunch. We had a nice 30 min break, and then got back on the highway.

We made it onto I-25 and were heading North when traffic slowed above 120th and then we saw emergency vehicles coming up. We were in the center lane, with Delaney not minding it and managed to slide over to let ambulances and police cars by. We then followed some cars off the side of the highway, through a ditch, onto a side road. Not the best example of highway driving, but we were far from the first and didn't want to get there too late.

Photo Nov 29, 2 38 43 PM

Another 15-20 minutes and Delaney needed to stop. He pulled over just before Loveland on the highway and we switched. Then I drove out to Loveland and West to the Bobcar Ridge Open Space where we found the handicapped ramp and also a ranger who chatted with us a bit. We then took lots of pictures, and examine the way it was built.

Photo Nov 29, 3 48 00 PM

It was good to see it and realize that this isn't going to be that hard a project. Once he raises money, we'll build it at home, laying out and cutting pieces, and then putting it together for a delivery onsite at Hidden Mesa.

I think 2 hours of driving was a lot for Delaney and he had me drive home, which was much less stressful for me. He did really well, but I had to watch him a bit as he's still learning.

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