Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 1

Day 1 of the ski season for me. I've been wanting to go for a few weeks, but travel and then house stuff got in the way. There was weather as well. We were going to go Sunday with the kids, but it was supposed to be 0F in the morning, so we called it off. That's too cold to even ski and makes for a miserable time, especially in early season.

However I booked a few days off, and today was one, so I headed out after dropping off kids and hit Copper Mountain. A good day, not too windy, though a bit chilly. Trying to text a few people and post pictures had my hands really cold.

Slightly disappointed that only the middle section was open, but it was still fun, with a little over two hours of me going up and down, getting in about 10-11 runs before calling it a day as the temperature dropped fast in the afternoon.

One good thing:the knee held up. I actually was so excited, I went out and up the lift without my brace. I started down, being careful, and realized as I was going that I didn't have my brace. That made me nervous and I took it easy coming down the first run. When I got to the bottom, I took the bus back to the truck and got my brace and strapped it on. It was the old one, and it' bulkier, but it has the metal on the sides and made me feel much better.

No wrecks today, though one slip on an icy area where I slid on my butt a bit. I went fast, but didn't press too much. I felt good and am looking forward to the season.

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