Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hiding Out

Last night was time to hide out for me. After giving 4 lightning talks and having lots of people want pictures or handshakes, I was beat. I had to go to the hotel, and if they’d had room service, I would have been done. Instead, I grabbed my wallet (forgot it multiple times) and then walked back downtown to grab a bite to eat from a restaurant by myself.
About 45 minutes to eat, have a drink, and read a bit to unwind before going back and falling asleep at 10.
Today is a long day. First, in costume, which I’m happy to do as we raised over $12k for Doctors without Borders. That means I dress like this today
Photo Nov 06, 10 06 00 AM
A few talks this afternoon and then my one large talk, being broadcast on PASSTV before I head to the airport and call it a week.
It’s been long, and tough, and I think I’m done with multi-day conferences for the most part. They’re far too draining for me.

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