Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book #47 - The Pines

pines1I picked up The Pines as part of my Kindle Unlimited, and because I've enjoyed a few strange, Blake Crouch, stories. However this one was really strange.

The book starts with Ethan, a Secret Service agent, waking up in Wayward Pines, an Idaho town. He remembers being sent here to search for two agents that disappeared, one a former mistress. He remembers a car accident and that's it.

The town is strange. People are somewhat helpful, but distant. The hospital is odd, with few patients and the sheriff isn't helpful. The book drags a bit as Ethan has a few strange days, including not being able to get a phone call out, contact his boss, get money, or really function as anything more than an indigent.

It gets crazier. I won't reveal it, but about halfway through the book, it gets really strange and I got caught up in it. The last part of the book is absolutely mind boggling. Makes me want to watch the show.

It's tough to get going, but good at the end. I picked up #2 right away.

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