Monday, August 18, 2014


Tonight was the sports meeting at the high school. I was thinking it would be quick, but it was anything but quick. I watched the end of Kendall’s practice (she looked good) and then took the kids to Subway. After the first day of school and sports they were both hungry, wolfing down sandwiches.

Then after a little grocery shopping, it was meeting time. The first 45 minutes were all the sports in the gym, with general rules about the way sports work. We got handouts and most of the information was on them, but I guess they need to clarify problem areas.

Then it was the cross country group meeting separately, where we got the schedule and a few specific notes, along with a few repeats of the bigger meeting.

It was there that the group asked for someone to run the booster club. With 6 trips during the season for me, I didn’t do that one, but then they asked someone to be the liaison with the Cardinal Club, which is the overall sports group that sits above each booster club. They meet on Mondays, which is almost always a day in town for me, so I agreed to help. I felt bad for not doing anything last year, including not helping at the home meet or even going to any other meets.

I guess this is my year to help there.

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