Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book #34–Rich Man’s War

51umejZ xpL._AA160_After I finished Poor Man’s Fight, I grabbed Rich Man’s War right away. This picks up a few months after the last book, and we follow Tanner Malone again. In this one he’s struggled with his survival from the first book (and his awards) and has taken a post as the Honor Guard in the President’s Palace.

We also have the Archangel system (where Tanner Lives) pulling back from the corporations, sure they are cheating the students and government. We see a war starting, with the Northstar corporation leading the way.

Tanner sees it as well and decides to join the Master at Arms school, with some prompting from the admiral. He goes throught training and then is assigned to the carrier in time for war.

Not much I want to disclose, but I was captivated by this and enjoyed it. I raced through it and enjoyed the ride.

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