Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Shed Project

It continues.

I replaced 3 of the four back panels last week. They had rotted in places, so I put up new fiberboard panels. It was really 2 panels and a 12" wide part on the edge. Today I went to get paint and caulk, and was thinking to get started, but I decided that the last board had a small rotten part at the bottom, so I pulled it out today. I slightly messed up my other piece, but I think it's OK.

After I cut and replaced the last part, I put trim back on and then caulked the top of a number of pieces of trim and a few sides. Then I started to paint.


Rain was coming in, but I wanted to get something done, so I brushed in the edges where my roller might not reach. I got the bottom of the back, and then went to work on the sides.


I got around windows and most of the front before a lot of wind and some droplets got me to stop.

Tomorrow I want to rolled it and caulk a few more spots and then I'll be down to trim. Hopefully we can call this a done project by next weekend.

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