Monday, August 18, 2014

Frustrating Internet

After waking up Fri morning to find no Internet, I called Skybeam. They noticed an issue and sent out a tech. He saw the low signal strength, and replaced a radio, but he could connect to their tower. However he said there was an issue at the tower and it wouldn’t likely be working Friday. He also recommended another company, since they’ve had issues with our area.

Tia thought they didn’t want to service us and so they were trying to pawn us to someone else. No problem for me. I called the other company and they said they could come out today (Monday).

I was thinking we’d get things working over the weekend, and we did a few times, but it felt like minutes. I’d get a connection periodically and then a few minutes later it would be gone. Despite the router showing connections to the Internet, no traffic was working. I moved our DNS server to Googles (, but it wouldn’t resolve.

Very frustrating and annoying. The kids were especially annoyed. We tethered off phones a few times, but for the most part we were without Internet a lot.

Still down this morning, and I came to town after dropping off kids at school to work at Starbucks. It’s frustrating and problematic for me since I’ll work on something and then need to check something or get a link for work. And I can’t.

The positive side is that Kendall and I watched a DVD together Sat night. Neat to spend time with my little girl like that.

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