Monday, August 11, 2014

School Sports 2014

It’s the start of another sports season. Kendall went to school all day for her WEB training. It’ s a group that helps out with various things at school, like orientation on Friday.

Then she got shuttled to the other high school for volleyball tryouts. Tia and I went, after dropping Delaney off for cross country.

Kendall looked good. The tryouts are always slow, with the team working through easy drills, slowly so the coaches can evaluate each of them. 28 girls for 24 spots (12 A team, 12 B team). First bump passes, two sets as each pair of girls had one girl toss, then another pass. Great, high passes from Kendall.

Next it was sets. Kendall was a little off, somewhat rusty, but sets aren’t her thing. She really wants to hit, and last night when she and I had pickup, she hit them hard.

Then it was serves: underhand, roundhouse, and overhead. Kendall looked good at all of them, and surprisingly, a number of other girls did as well. Last year they struggled to get 6 girls on the court that could pass a ball to each other and rarely had three hits. This year things look much better and I think there are 7 or 8 girls that can play a bit.

We then picked up Delaney, who actually got a ride over, and was honking at us as we drove back to his school, but we didn’t realize it. He was excited, and looked much better than previous years. He said they ran 3 2km runs, and it was hard, but he looked good. The previous two years he’s collapsed in the car and tried to nap on the way home. This year he’s doing much better.

An exciting season ahead for both of them.

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