Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I’m booking things today, after a few questions from my co-workers on plans. I had been delaying a bit, but I had two people ask me about events, plans, and flights/hotels, so I decided to get some things booked.

I had already set up my trip on Sept 3-4 to FlowCon 2014 in San Francisco, and I’m really looking forward to that. It’s a conference that I’m just attending, not speaking, and I haven’t done that in a few years.

Then I had my SQL Saturday #300 trip to Kansas City on the 12th-14th, and a quick turnaround to DevConnections in Las Vegas on the 16-18th. Fortunately I don’t have any travel for the next weekend at the event in Denver, though I am tempted to get a hotel to reduce my commuting.

However I needed to set up October events, of which there are lots. I have a SQL in the City event for work in Boston on the 8th, which means traveling the 7th and leaving the 9th. I thought I’d have to go directly to Silicon Valley for their code camp, but I there are two days between. So I’m coming home for around 30 hours before turning around.

Then I go back to London the 22nd for an event on the 24th. A short, 48 hour stay in London, which is good because I need to go to Seattle the following week, for almost a week. I’m hoping I’m not speaking on Thur or Fri so I can come home early, but I should know in a few weeks, so I’ll hold off booking that.

That’s a busy few months, and I’ll still have a trip back to DC in December, but I can ignore that for the time being.

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