Monday, August 25, 2014


Today was Kendall's first volleyball match of the season. We went, not sure what to expect after watching some practices last week that weren't the greatest.

The other team served, and we scored a point. The rotation had Kendall serving first. She had 6 great serves and scored until a return got botched by her team and they lost the ball. However they played well and dominated the Canon City Ferguson team, winning around 25-11. Kendall was one of the setters, and made some good plays, though it was still a lot of serves and few volleys. She set the other top girl on her team, who made a hard kill on the team.

Kendall even got a set to the back row (a bad set really), and she killed it from the back. It was great to see her playing aggressively and working hard.

She sat most of the second game, giving the reserves a chance to play. It was a mess, and Kendall and Casey got in for a few points while the coach talked to players.

The third game was close for about half, with some of the EMS team getting too anxious. A timeout cleared things up and with Kendall and Casey serving for 8 or 9 of the points, they won going away.

Neat to see them playing, and get so excited over a win. Hope it carries over to Wed.

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