Monday, July 14, 2014

Volleyball with K

Last night Kendall and I went to the rec center for the first time since my surgery to play Sunday night volleyball. I forgot my brace and was a little concerned, but figured I'd sit out if it was more than casual play.

As it turned out, it was a practice session for Kendall and I. We arrived around 5:45 to find a an empty court. We warmed up, played some pepper, and laughed a bit. We practiced serves, and some hits, though I wasn't jumping. With just the two of us, hitting every ball, we took a few breaks, hot and out of breath.

Another Dad and daughter showed up at one point, but the girl was just learning, and so we practiced on our own, serving, receiving, hitting at each other, and around 7:15 called it a night. A good time with my girl, and glad to be playing again. She heads to camp today as I head out of town.

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