Friday, July 25, 2014


I've got a sore hip flexor. We're supposed to hike tomorrow and I'm not sure I can. I'm not even sure I want to walk later or ride a bike.

I had PT Wed and the therapist decided to try 4lbs on my ankle, since 3 was light two weeks ago. I did a set of 15 lifts, which was hard, and another set with the ankle turned out, which was harder. However I powered through it, and like a moron, powered through 2 more sets. With a few other exercises, I was tired.

Thur I woke up with a sore flexor, and had a short run to loosen things up. It felt better, but after class last night, it was stiff and sore. Driving the Porsche home was a challenge. I was also up a lot at night, feeling sore pain every time I changed position. I couldn't even straighten my leg and sleep.

Today it's still sore, though better, but I'm not sure about tomorrow. Getting too old to be pressing this hard.

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