Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book #30 - The Nelson Touch

51kXGO2IHkL._AA160_I borrowed the second book of the Ark Royal series,  The Nelson Touch, excited to see what happens in humanity's war against the aliens.

In this one, the Ark Royal has returned home, and the crew are heroes. However they don't get to enjoy it as they set out again, with the intent to further explore alien space and try to remove some of their infrastructure. The Ark has a joint task force, with Chinese, French, and US warships as well as modifications to their jump drive based on alien technology that allows them to use new tramlines.

They also have a secret, the Prince of the British empire is a starfighter pilot using an assumed name. The admiral and captain know, but no one else.

It's a typical space opera. Lots of battles, the humans doing damage, but losing ships. They eventually start to make their way home, but only after the Prince's starfighter explodes. Unknown to them, he ejected, but was picked up and taken prisoner by the aliens.

A good read, not great, but you need to read the first one before this.

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