Monday, July 28, 2014

AC Repair

We don’t have AC in our house. Well, we do, but the outside compressor coil is ruined, thanks to dog pee, so we haven’t fixed it. At around $4k, it’s not worth it for the little time we need it in CO. We did get a whole house fan a few years ago, and we love it. We also have a couple window units, though I think this year we installed only one, ran it for a day, and no one has complained.

However my tenant called today, actually texted at 6:30am to say his AC wasn’t working. He then went on to call the house twice before 11:00am and also call multiple companies to get things fixed. I guess he doesn’t like the heat.

I approved a service call, and am waiting to see what the result it.

I so need to raise his rent.

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