Monday, July 28, 2014

Castlewood Canyon

Saturday we had planned to head out early to Colorado Springs, but with bad weather in the forecast, we decided to stick closer to home and go to Castlewood Canyon.

Photo Jul 26, 12 54 14 PM

We packed up the dogs and started our hike around lunchtime. We had a good hike down through the canyon and then turned towards the waterfall.

Photo Jul 26, 1 06 38 PM

The dogs appreciated time in the water, as did Kendall

Photo Jul 26, 1 06 31 PM

We made it up to the rim, then went back down by the old dam.  On the way, the kids walked out over the old dam.

Photo Jul 26, 1 55 26 PM

There Delaney decided to try some rock climbing. He struggled a bit

Photo Jul 26, 2 16 13 PM

But made it. We were proud of his perseverance and skill.

Photo Jul 26, 2 17 49 PM

The dogs had fun as well, though it was hot for them. When it started to thunder, Deuce was scared, and we hurried back in a light rain.

Photo Jul 26, 1 55 41 PM

A fun family day, capped off by a movie later at night.

Photo Jul 26, 1 59 08 PM

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