Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book #31 - The Trafalgar Gambit


The Trafalgar Gambit is the third, and I'm guessing last, book in the Ark Royal series. I won't tell why I think this, but I'd be surprised to see another one.

This book has more human interest. The Ark is going back, after the Earth has been attacked and tidal waves have almost destroyed Britain. The Ark needs to contact the second faction of the aliens, and try to open negotiations for peace.

There are diplomats on board as they leave, but also spies. Kurt, the CAG, was blackmailed with videos of his affair with Rose and is told he'll be contacted during the journey and he must obey. Janelle is also struggling with the loss of both the Prince and of her privacy with the disclosure of their affair.

The Ark heads out and manages to contact the second faction. They save an alien craft that they are surprised to learn has Prince Henry on board.

The rest of the book is diplomacy and negotiations, and the unsurprising revolt by some aliens to attack the Earth. The Ark races back to intercept them for a final battle.

A fun read.

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