Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sabbatical - Day 29 - More Glue

My company, Red Gate software, has given me a 6 week sabbatical.

I got started early today, not wanting the day to get away from me, as the sabbatical has. Not completely, but it looks like I'll be struggling to finish the flagpole this week and Monday is it.

Today I started by clamping down the top boards and checking the biscuit slots. I found problems.

Photo Jul 09, 10 24 24 AM (1)

The mark on the left is where I marked and cut the first slot. When the top didn't fit, I removed a number of biscuits, lined things up and clamped them down. I then managed to re-mark (the right mark) and re-cut slots.

With the lower board done, things lined up nicely. I left it clamped and did the upper board, re-cutting many more slots there. As you can see, they aren't far off, but it's enough to cause issues.

Photo Jul 09, 10 24 21 AM (1)

With that done, I decided to quickly mix more glue and then get the boards moving. Once again, no pictures of the process because I was wearing gloves and didn't want to get the phone stuck to them. I mixed more glue (7 pumps), which was enough with a  touch left over.

Photo Jul 09, 12 08 46 PM (1)

The clamps went back on and with an afternoon commitment, I was in a hurry. This time I wished I had bought 10 more clamps Tuesday because these boards were more twisted. Not a ton, but more. As I looked later, a few spots were high and I am debating about mixing more glue and filling in spots.

In any case, I had a completed, albeit rectangular, flagpole.

Photo Jul 09, 12 08 55 PM (1)

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