Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2

Last night Delaney and I went for a short run, about 2 miles. He's got cross country starting in two weeks and after a short family jog, I wanted to see how I'd do.

We went up the driveway walking, and then ran up the hill, or rather, slow jogged up the hill. It was a challenge for both of us. I was wondering if I was in shape, and Delaney said his lungs hurt. However when we turned on the road, he certainly went faster on the downhill. I caught up on the next uphill and was feeling good at the mile point. He wanted to walk, so I thought I was still in better shape.

I was wrong.

We went back, and when we got to the downhill by his bus stop, he got ahead of me and I never caught up. When we got to our private road, he really got ahead and ended up at our gates a good two minutes, if not more, before I did. Still I managed 2 mi in 28 min, including a couple minutes of walking.

This morning I saw someone in the Running Streak group on Facebook post that they liked seeing people's days and counts as it was inspiring. So I posted this:

Day 1
I made it to 1536 last year before life and health got in the way. Yesterday was my first run since ACL surgery in April. Two miles with my 15yr old. Felt good even though he finished way ahead.

It inspired me a bit as well and I decided to go out again today. Shorter, just over a mile jogging and a 1/2 mile walking, but it felt good in the heat. Lots of memories doing that in the past.

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