Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sabbatical Day 28 - More Tenons

With the heat and bad weather, and a few chores, I didn't get much done during the day except for pulling off clamps and checking the glue on part of the flagpole. Things looked good, but I wasn't able to cut biscuit slots this morning.

I left for class early, and arrived in time to continue cutting tenons before the lecture started. With two classes missed by the instructor, I was sure we'd end up sitting for awhile.

Photo Jul 08, 8 06 37 PM

With everything spread out, I managed to cut more, but they weren't much better. I really am struggling with this part of the class and it's annoying.

We had a lecture where we got the plans for our table (final project) as well as some time spent talking about how to buy wood and what to buy. It was interesting, but when we got to the math lesson for board-feet, normalizing a board into a volume for cost calculation, I had to sneak off to the restroom and a water break. I can do math, unlike quite a few of my classmates.

With the lecture over, I was back to sawing and paring. I am getting better, and the instructor have me a few hints.

Photo Jul 08, 8 13 33 PM (1)

One of the more helpful hints, which the TA hadn't mentioned, was using the chisel to chop the shoulder straight. That helped me get a few fitting better, though I still tend to rout them too thin. That plane is a challenge.

I also used my square more to check how my cuts went. I think next week I'll look to cut the tenons short and then chop them down to size.

Photo Jul 08, 8 15 16 PM (1)

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