Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun at SQL Bits

Another great SQL Bits conference in the UK. One more day today, where I have to present two sessions, but it's been a good time. I've seen lots of friends from Europe that don't make it to the US for events, and this is the one time to see them. I've also had quite a few people I met last year at Bits or SQL in the City some say hi.

And of course, new people wanting to meet me. Not too many pictures this time, maybe 4 or 5 yesterday, but since today is the free day, I bet I get more.

This is my favorite conference, and they didn't disappoint with the party last night. Last year it was a Robin Hood/Sherwood Forest theme, with Red Gate sending me in a jester costume. This year it's Steampunk. No costume for me, but some neat Victorian era ones from various people. That, along with entertainers, a two story slide, and a merry go round in the conference center.

Great fun. I've got some details for next year, and I think I'll see if Tia wants to come over.

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