Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Project Time

Last night I went back to class after missing a week. It's seems like forever since I was there. In the afternoon I loaded up the Suburban with the wood I'd purchased a few weeks ago and headed to class.

When I got there, I wasn't sure what to do. Fortunately there were 4 of the 11 that weren't there last week or didn't have their wood, so we were all in the same boat. The instructor walked through some things for us, actually helping one guy lay out and cut his wood.

I got the idea and then went to lay things out. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought wood as I thought I was getting enough for two tables. However I realized that I didn't have enough for 8 legs. The cuts to clean up the wood mean that I ended up with 6 legs and that was about it. A nice piece of scrap, but if I want to do another table, I need more wood.

I managed to get all my pieces cut. Again, I'm not sure I did a great job, but I got the pieces cut.

Photo Jul 22, 7 09 24 PM

Once that was done, I started to flatten the aprons. First I had to sharpen, which I haven't done in weeks, but the skills came back and it went quickly. I was trying to hurry so I wasn't there all night, and got slightly frustrated as I had to work to flatten one board that had an end diving low.

However I got things pretty smooth, surprising myself. 4 aprons flat and run through the planer. That made my feel like I wasn't completely behind. It was 8:40 at that point, so I decided to work on squaring one edge. I cleaned up the rough cut with the hand plane, and it was close, but I had one end off. As I went to get that fixed, I decided to check the end to end flatness. There was a nice rainbow in the middle, with my winding stick balancing left and right.

I managed to cut that down, but then added a bit of a bend in a few spots. It was 8:55 and I decided to quit. I was tired, this was frustrating, and I needed to clean up and load up the car with a few pieces of longer wood.

I'm behind still, with multiple edges to flatten and square, as well as legs. I'm thinking to buy another piece of wood Thur and cut more legs, trying to work on them Thur and get mortises cut. If I do that, I can get tenons cut Tues and work on assembly and pinning on Wed or Thur.

Behind, and thinking to perhaps get to the shop on Sun to make up time. We'll see.

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