Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A good day on the mountain at Keystone. It was snowing when we left, around 10F and Tia was a little worried. However I checked the CDOT cameras, things were clear and this was the only day I can do this week. We both drove kids to school and headed up, which was good. Saved us a half hour at least.

Photo Feb 04, 10 55 54 AM

Things cleared up and it was 15F and sunny at Keystone. We headed up and had some good runs on the backside, including a challenging black that we slid down carefully. We had a good 5-6 runs, and then some snow moved in and it was hard to see. We took a break, relaxing in the lodge. Tia had gotten a touch motion sick, so she stayed in while I had 3 more runs, and then we headed back, skiing our way back to the front.

Photo Feb 04, 10 55 49 AM

Overall a great day on the mountain, some good work, and no one got hurt.

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