Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day

Delaney had a day off from school, so we decided to head to the mountain. I was looking forward to skiing as it's almost been two weeks since I went, shocker, I know.

Things started out with my up at 4:55am. Kendall was heading to Omaha for the Asics Volleyball Challenge and the bus left at 6. So we loaded up, put Delaney in back, and drove over. I was glad that I'd packed the car last night because we didn't have time to mess around this am.

I dropped her off, loaded her suitcase, and they were off.


It was dark as I left and started driving up to the mountains. Delaney slept, as I got to Idaho Springs and pulled into Starbucks. I had a conference call, and needed more coffee. It was a beautiful morning as I got a latte.


I settled in for my call and then drove the rest of the way to Keystone. Lots of traffic and it had me worried the mountain would be busy. It wasn't too bad, and that made it a great day. As we walked in, they were preparing for a busy day, making ice sculptures. I'm glad we're not going tomorrow.


Our first stop was breakfast. We got some burritos and fueled up, and relaxed with coffee for 10 minutes.





Then it was out to the mountain. We did a bunch of runs, on all three mountains.


We took a few breaks.


Delaney looked good and we stayed on blues all day with a tough black thrown in that we enjoyed.


Delaney has become a great snowboarder and I suspect he'll be dusting me in a year or two. We'll see after my knee gets fixed.

Afterwards, a long drive home, but a great day. Lots of fun.

Now I need to figure out when I can go again.

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