Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby

I must like building and creating. While I haven't had a great track record, I go get some things done, and certainly have no shortage of ideas as I wander Home Depot. I've learned to just plan for an hour when I go there because I'll often get lost.

It was the same today in Hobby Lobby. After a team volleyball meeting, Kendall and I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some ribbon. We are in charge of hair ribbons for the trip to Omaha, and I didn't want to wait too long since next weekend will be busy. After finding ribbons, we both wandered around.

Kendall interested in painting, me in getting some parachute cord and crafts. I've been wanting to make a key fob and some things that might be handy. I saw a few projects, and also a book, so I grabbed them. Now I have a few things to do on the cold evenings that are smaller projects and should be fun.

It was surprising how long we were there (over an hour) wandering around, both of us with ideas. Fortunately I had the wallet and self control or we might still be there.

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